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Shnuggle Complete Starter Kit

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Shnuggle Complete Starter Kit

Product Information

* Only 1 pink basket left in stock - DISCONTINUED colour * Limited quantity & availability of stands. 
Shnuggle moses basket is the World's FIRST hypoallergenic and virtually silent moses basket. Stronger and safer than other traditional moses baskets, the Shnuggle is the perfect choice for modern Parents and babies, and this complete starter kit includes everything you're going to need!

Traditional moses baskets are made from wicker or maize, which has many 'nooks and crannies' for dirt, spills or sickies to lodge in. Even if you wash the dressings, it can be impossible to be sure that the moses basket is completely clear of all offending solids or fluids. With Shnuggle you are benefitting from a basket shell which is free from BPA and Phthalates, and it is also like traditional moses baskets as it doesn't have to be fumigated on entry to the UK, so is the only chemical-free besket on the market! You can simply wipe the shell after any accidents or spills and be sure that it is completely clean. And it is bigger than most baskets too, making it great value for money.
 All Shnuggle orders are normally with you within 3-5 working days of you placing your order. If you need your Shnuggle urgently please contact us as most, but not all, colours are available for immediate dispatch.
Is Shnuggle safe?
 It's probably the safest Moses basket available! Shnuggle has been tested by a UK independant test company FIRA and exceeds the safety requirements set out in BS EN 1466. Shnuggle is far stronger and much more stable than traditional moses baskets. Also, it will last again and again without wearing out - so you can use it for baby #2 and baby #3 and ...
How big is Shnuggle?
 Shnuggle is approximately 10% bigger than regular Moses baskets, and measures 90cm x 45 cm x 25cm high. This means that it can be used for longer, right up to 6 months in most cases or until your baby reaches 9kg or can sit up or roll over unaided - then it's time for the cot! In case you need to know, the mattress size to get is 74 x 28 xm.
Can I use a moses basket stand?
 Yes. Firstly this ensures good airflow under the basket to help keep baby well ventilated, but also it allows you to see and tend to your baby when you are in bed.  If you are using a stand, use either a Shnuggle stand, which is guaranteed to fit, or a stand suitable for baskets 85 x 40 cm.
Can Shnuggle help prevent overheating?
 Yes, Shnuggle features a series of ventilation holes all along the base of the basket, which are combined with fully breathable mattresses.  This ensure that airflow can enter the basket from below, and pass around your baby to help prevent overheating. It is very important that you baby is allowed to regulate their own temperature while sleeping and the FSID have the best guidelines on how to settle your baby to sleep.
Is Shnuggle eco-friendly?
 We think so! As the Shnuggle basket is made right here in the UK, there are no long journeys from China which reduces our carbon footprint. The basket is made from a durable but highly recycleable material, so can be re-cycled when it reaches the end of it's useful life. Or you can use it as a toy-box!
What about fire-retardent chemicals?
 The Shnuggle basket has NO chemical treatments at all, but "The Furniture & Furnishing (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988" states that the padded liner must have a FR treatment. The padded liner is covered by the cotton dressing and is therefore not in contact with the baby.
What about dust mites?
 Dust mites live in every home in the UK but are quite harmless. They do however like to live in traditional Moses baskets, as they are both a shelter and a source of food. While there, they lay their eggs, and it is dust mite eggs that are the biggest cause of infant allergies! Shnuggle is different, because there is no-where for them to hide, and there is no food source. This means that the risk of allergies is greatly reduced for your baby!
What is included?
 The Shnuggle complete starter set includes everything you need to get going. We will send you the base basket and mattress of your choosing (see below), with dressing liner (all baskets include white dressings except ivory cream which comes with cream dressing), padding, blanket, hood, a rocking (£5 extra) or folding moses basket stand, 2 luxury cotton fitted mattress sheets, and a cellular blanket. We now have the brand new Curve static & rocking stand available as part of your starter set for an additional £15.
You can upgrade your standard wipeable foam mattress for a luxury cosy quilt mattress, which is only an additional £10. This mattress offers a removable quilted cover which is breathable, water resistant, and can be machine washed at 60 degrees. 
But remember, you can purchase the Shnuggle basket without the extras too. We just feel that this starter kit is exceptional value for money and means you won't forget anything!
 ***Well done to Shnuggle on winning a coveted Loved By Parents award 2013 and Red Dot Design award in 2014***

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