Cot Mobiles, Soothers or Projectors?

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Cot Mobiles, Soothers or Projectors?

Cot mobiles & accessories can be a lifesaver for many Parents as they help to create a familiar & soothing environment for your baby, & also can enable your baby to settle themselves when they are old enough to activate it by themselves. The question is, do you choose a mobile, cot soother, projector or more traditional pull-toy?

Cot Mobiles

Cot mobiles are perfect for babies right from birth. The majority of mobiles will play soothing lullabies & many have lights & pictures too. Mobiles will give your baby something to focus on when they are in their crib or cot, especially if the mobile rotates or moves. This action teaches your baby to track objects, strengthening spacial perception, eye muscles & vision. However, most companies recommend that the arm of the mobile is removed from around 5 months, or when your baby can sit unaided, but with many, you can leave the music-box part attached to the crib to increase its longevity.

Modern mobile - the Tiny Love Nature Pals mobile plays nature sounds, lullabies or classical music, & features moving toys & soft glowing lights (RRP £44.99)

The traditional look - the Little Bird Told Me cot mobile has a wooden arm & looks stunning in a nursery surrounding, & there's not a battery in sight - wind up at the top & it will play a soothing classical tune & the toys will gently rotate. This beautiful mobile is also available in pink (RRP £39.99).

Portable - you can also get a smaller version which can be detached from its arm & taken anywhere. the Tiny Love Take Along can be attached to your car seat handle or pram for a familiar sound when you're out & about (RRP £22.99).


Cot Soothers

These are essentially music boxes with pictures that you attach to the inside of your crib, cot, or cotbed. They play soothing music, & the pictures on the box are usually more detailled than the ones you may find on the music-box of a mobile. They are also suitable from birth & your baby will love to press the buttons for themselves before you retire this toy.

Our favourite in this section is the lovely Baby Einstein Sweet Sea Dreams Soother, with its moving friends, underwater theme & soothing music. It also has a remote control so you can activate it or switch it off without going into the nursery & disturbing your baby (RRP £44.99).



Projectors do as they say - they project a picture or image onto the ceiling or wall of the nursery. This is usually accompanied by soothing music too. Some can attach to your cot side, whilst others can sit outside of your crib.

Summer Infant Slumber Buddy - the Slumber Buddy is a great choice as it projects stars & a moon on the ceiling of the nursery in 3 different colours, & plays music. The Buddy is plush so makes for a cuddly friend too (RRP £22.00).


Pull Toys

You can tie a pull toy onto your crib or cot & you (or your baby) simply pulls the toy to play the lullaby. These are lovely to take away with you, to give your baby a familiar sound at bedtime, but not ideal if you want to leave your baby to settle as you'll have to activate it. However, used appropriately, these do make beautiful additions to your baby's bed.

We love - Peter Rabbit pull down musical toy plays soothing music when you pull Peter down. Peter Rabbit is a classic & this toy looks, feels & sounds delightful (RRP £15.99).


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