Holiday Checklist for Babies & Sun Awareness

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Holiday Checklist for Babies & Sun Awareness

Sun awareness is especially important for babies and toddlers. Did you know that both the NHS and the Skin Cancer Foundation recommend that infants under 6 months of age should be kept out of the sun? (, According to Skin Cancer Foundation, babies' skin contains very little melanin (pigment in the skin which provides some sun protection) so is especially susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun. Healthcare professionals recommend to use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF15 to all exposed areas of skin, and protect young, sensitive skin using hats with neck covers, pram covers and baby sunglasses. 

And now that Spring is upon us (finally) we can get into the mindset of sunny strolls with the pram and family holidays. Just getting out of the house is sometimes a feat in itself - the changing bag, spare bottles, dummies, clothes, nappies, wipes, sun hat, sun cream, sun shade, baby sunglasses.... the list can (and usually is) long. So what is out there to keep our little ones protected from the sun?  WE have the low-down on sun essentials and we've also thrown in some great travel gizmos to make summer a breeze. 

Firstly, sun protection in the pram. The traditional parasol is still a favourite, but we're all about innovation. We simply love the Kurtis Baby Peace. This is a 100% organic cotton pram curtain which attaches (damage-free) to the hood of your pram or carseat. It offers over 99% UVA/UVB protection for your baby and comes in some awesome colours and patterns. The real benefit of this curtain is that it can be drawn to your liking, so it can act as a partial shade or a full shade, it creates a lovely peaceful environment for your baby to snooze, and won't fall off or need readjusting in the same way as a parasol. 

If you are looking for a fun but safe area for your baby to play when outside, then the BabyMoov Babyni play tent is a great choice. It is anti-UV treated with a canopy and mosquito net to offer your baby shade and protection when outside. It's pop-up design also makes it simple to put up and comes with its own bag so you can take it anywhere. We think this is a great choice to take to the park or a friend's, or simply just in the garden.

Most Parents will have a car window sun shade as standard, but have you ever checked to make sure that yours is offering adequate sun protection? Our favourite car sun shades include the Brica Stretch-To-Fit sunshade and the Brica UV Alert shade. The former doubles in size to cover the entire window so you can be sure that no rays can get around it, whilst the latter keeps you informed of the UV levels with a colour-change tab dependent on whether levels are high or low. A simple idea for peace of mind.

Baby-Banz are the most popular sunglass of choice for babies and it's not hard to see why. They have a tough polycarbonate lens to withstand rough and tumble, they offer 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays, and come with a comfy nose piece and neoprene strap to keep them in place.

A handful of other excellent products for sun and holidays include:

Bundlebean Solar - UPF50+ protection for pram, carseat or baby carrier, with integral quick-drying hooded beach wrap - NEW FOR 2013!

Chillipeeps - simply sterilise and take with you, turn any water bottle or milk carton into a baby bottle with this easy-to-use teat. A great addition for holidays to stop your child from getting dehydrated (or when you forget to take your baby's bottle out with you - it's happened to us....).

Snooze Shade Cot - perfect for going away, this cover converts any cot or travelcot into a dreamy place for baby thanks to its blackout design. With zips to allow you to check on baby easily, and unzip sides or the top as you wish. It is breathable and will keep mosquitos at bay too.

Coming soon! Keep checking back as we're in the process of adding a fab folding travel cot mattress impregnated with eucalyptus to repel mosquitos. This is going to be a firm favourite!


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