Kurtis Baby Peace - more than just a sun shade

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Kurtis Baby Peace - more than just a sun shade

When it comes to baby products, many Parents now consider how pure, organic, natural or Fair Trade an item is before making their decision on what to buy for their baby. Twenty years ago we didn't have the same choice of products that fall into these categories, but the demand for functional products which are free from harmful chemicals, organic or Fair Trade will only increase.

The Kurtis Baby Peace pram curtain ticks enough of these boxes for us to consider it an essential piece of baby kit. You may have tried parasols (god knows we have!), draping a blanket over the front of the pram, struggling with a pram shade which is either too big, or makes it difficult to easily check on your baby. Kurtis have designed the Baby Peace to offer your baby a calm and secure sleeping environment in their pram, to act as a wind-break, and to shade them from the sun.

This sun shade is attached to your pram's hood (or even your car seat or baby carrier) using non-damaging plastic rings. This allows the Baby Peace to be drawn and undrawn like a curtain, or simply flip it over the hood when you want to check on your baby. It can be used as a full or partial sun shade, and offers 99.5% UVA and 99.7% UVB protection. And if it is a windy day, the side strings can be tied to your pram to keep it in place. 

The curtain is actually made from very soft jersey cotton and is 100% organic, with non-toxic prints, and is machine washable. It is available in various colours to either compliment or contrast with your pram - you choose how bold a statement you want to make! The prints are of Swedish design, or you can choose a plain curtain, especially nice if you have patterned pram coverings.

We love the Kurtis Baby Peace as it is easier to use than a parasol, it offers full or partial shade - you decide, and it comes in lovely colours. It is a simple, universal product which offers your baby a calm environment in their pram,so she won't be disturbed whether you are in the sun, the supermarket or the home. It is even long enough to be a great sun protector even when using with a stroller. And can easily be attached to the car seat to offer sun protection in the car. 

You can click HERE to see the full range of colours and designs currently available.


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