BreastVest is revolutionary for breastfeeding mummies

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BreastVest is revolutionary for breastfeeding mummies

Since the Loved By Parents awards, now in their 2nd year, have announced their winners, we thought we should feature some of their award winners.

Starting with Breastvest, the revolutionary nursing top for breastfeeding mothers everywhere, who have brilliantly been awarded the Bronze award in the Breastfeeding Products category, and being the only nursing wear in the top three!

Breastvest was created by a mum (all the best products usually are, aren't they Ladies), who, in her own words "found breastfeeding clothing pretty shapeless and often felt ridiculous trying to negotiate the variety of holes, poppers and flaps while trying to give (her son) his next feed – especially when we were in the middle of a busy cafe or restaurant.

Also, although I wanted to feed for at least six months, the thought of not being able to wear any of my favourite pre-pregnancy tops, just because I was breastfeeding was frustrating. 

So, I started wearing non-breastfeeding tops, and went on to ruin each and every neckline in quick succession from pulling them down to feed."

She also said that she was conscious of exposing her post-birth tummy by wanting to wear her pre-pregnancy clothes.

Sound familiar?

So she created the Breastvest - a simple and light top which sits underneath your nursing bra. It comes in black or white, and means that you can wear any top, lift it up to feed and still not expose your tummy, giving you much more freedom to choose the clothes that you want to wear, and not having to dress to feed in the same way anymore.

I have to say, I wish I'd had a Breastvest when I was breastfeeding. I fed my son for 9 months, but remember one fateful day when I forgot to put my nursing top on and instead put on a regular top. Lunchtime at the Trafford Centre was very busy as I struggled like a contortionist trying to feed my son without having to practically undress in public (I hated to use the feeding 'rooms' where you feel like you're being hidden away with all the other feeding mums in a sterile box). 

With the Breastvest you can put it on as part of your underwear, it's fine enough even to wear during summer, and then you're always covered, whatever you're wearing. If we have another baby, I'm definitely going to be getting the black & white set, and I'll look forward to wearing my everyday tops instead of those awkward nursing tops! 

See an independent review here too.


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